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Deb’s Delicate Deluxe: A Review in Pictures

I took merino/silk fiber from Hobbledehoy and put it on the new Triple D.

Deb’s Delicate Deluxe, ready for duty!

The drum!


Check out how clean this bad boy is!

Me lovey this carder!

The batt is all done.

Thank you Pat Green!

Loving this new carder!!  I highly recommend it.




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Look what I got…

Can you guess?

Do you know yet?  Any idea?

For your carding pleasure!

I found this bad boy on Craigslist Colorado for a great price.  I was so happy to do so after the fiasco with Fancy Kitty.  This is a Pat Green Deb’s Delicate Deluxe drum carder which was featured in the famous Deb Menz book, Color in Spinning.  If you don’t have that book yet, you need to order it…now.  Seriously!

It had one owner who bought it from Susan’s Fiber Shop at Ester Park Wool market in 2006.  She processed one clean lamb’s fleece on it and put it away.  Lovely and like new!  She even kept all the paperwork that came with it (along with the doffer, fetling brush, and burnish tool, bless her.)

Here she is just waiting for fiber.  I tested her out with alpaca/silk, BFL top, and some Lincoln longwool.  She did just fine.  I love the teeth.  It came with the fur drum which has very fine teeth.  Really excellent in separating fibers.  The machine is silent when working.  I lovvvvve the poly drive belt.  I am so used to chain drives that I was surprised at how much more I liked the poly belt.  It is really easy to remove and put back on.  Also, I have to say that I prefer a metal feed tray.  The fibers just slip right on with no problem.  I will post a full review as soon as I can. :)  A lovely machine!


As requested, here is a pic of the tools that came with the carder.

Carders tool belt!

From left to right, the most awesome doffer, burnishing tool, and fetling brush.


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