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Incredible Tapestry Bobbins

Can you stand it?!

Can you stand it?!

I recently took up tapestry weaving when I had the opportunity to purchase a Shannock convertible loom.  After a modest destash on Raverly, I raised the funds for the loom but had more than enough to get some starting yarns and…these amazing tapestry bobbins by IST Crafts.

IST Crafts is located on the Isle of Wight. Ian not only makes these gorgeous bobbins but also lace bobbins and a variety of drop, supported, and Turkish style spindles.  His work is not only stunning but functional and extremely well thought out.  He does consult with the artisans who use his tools when designing his fiber equipment.

Sycamore/Ebony Tibetan Set. Admit it, your drooling.

Sycamore/Ebony Tibetan set. Admit it, you’re drooling. Now, go get a wipe before you blow up your computer.

I have been using the bobbins all day and I can’t choose a favorite – I challenge you to try! The weights are all around 0.9 to 1.2 oz. I bought the 15 cm size but they come in 22 cm as well, and in 18 cm if you go for the Continental style. Sounds so Chris Walken; makes me want to get one.

You can never have enough bobbins (or spindles) (or fiber) (etc.) in my opinion so I decided to purchase a bunch. IST Crafts gives you free shipping if you order £70 or more. I also originally planned to get them without the brass tip but then my hubby said he would pay for those so now I am set for life with these bad boys.

Ian always amazes me but he really produced a stunning collection for me to treasure.  Here is a bit more of a close-up shot to convince you to check out his site.

Run to IST Crafts now!

Run to IST Crafts now!

As usual, no one has asked me to write this, or paid me for my opinion. I am sharing my thoughts as I hope to inspire you to take up tapestry weaving and/or try out Ian’s incredible products. Thanks for coming by!

PS In order from left to right, Cocobolo, Satinwood, Serpentwood, Pink Ivory, Purpleheart, Tulipwood, Mexican Rosewood, African Blackwood, Brazilian Kingwood, Ebony, and Striped Ebony. Meow.



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Huh? Schacht Cherry Matchless?

Look what followed me home from Estes Park Wool Market this year:

I was really proud of myself.  I had only bought $18.00 worth of yak and was about to leave.  Then I walked by Susan’s Fiber Shop and saw the wheel.  Before I knew what I was doing, I had asked to try it and then it was done.  It spun so well!  I have a Schacht Matchless in maple that I am not really all that fond of.  I gave the maple one to the baby last year so I probably needed to get another, right?  Plus, Susan was a sweetie and gave me $100 off which is awesome. (Btw, I love Susan’s Fiber Shop. She is so generous with her time and really knows her stuff.)

I lovvvee the changes they made to the Matchless wheels.  I also love the painted black orifice hook. :)  The new scotch tension is so responsive.  Wonderful wheel!

I leave you with the grain that melted my heart!

This is a very dark wheel.

I mean, leave a wheel with that grain? No way!



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