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Elizabeth Bradley Kit Review

I have done needlepoint for a long time but only recently started buying kits. Before I would start with a blank canvas, wools, and a book.  But I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get a kit so I wouldn’t have to put everything together myself? One of the kits I bought was the Animal Alphabet Rug from Elizabeth Bradley. My daughter is learning letters and their sounds now so I thought it could be a family project where we all stitch it together. These were my thoughts when I ordered the kit back in October. I write this now on December 23rd, 2013.

I ordered the kit from Wye Needlecraft Ltd. because they had a terrific price at the time.  I realized that not many retailers would have it in stock with the background wool I chose (pale blue) and expected there to be a long delay before they shipped. I was correct in my assumptions. I received the kit in mid November.


Here it is fresh from the packaging. This is a big box. It is 16 inces x 16 inches and 3 + inches thick.

Some inside pics for you next!


Beautiful, right? I was loving it already but the first problem is sitting right in front of you.


Lots of background wools. I knew this wouldn’t photograph well. It is more of a robin’s egg blue. But, it looks like there is enough for a sweater.


It is adorable, is it not? This is the canvas in box.

I am going to begin stitching this today. Why so long? The problem I noticed right away was the yarn card. There were 30+ yarns on it. While that may seem like a lot, it was obvious that it wasn’t anywhere near the amount of colors that were in the box. I think there is about 70. I wrote to Elizabeth Bradley and got a prompt response. They sent me out a new yarn card and I got it by UPS in 5-ish business days.  Great! Right? Time to start? No. Because the yarn card was wrong, it occurred to me that there could be other errors in the kit. I spent 3 hours counting the strands of yarn.  I didn’t count the green or red border yarns or the background yarns because I was spent by the time I got to them. I was unfortunately proven correct. There were several shortages in the yarn amounts. One of the yarns was plain missing altogether. That would have been an awkward moment in stitching had I not counted before hand.

I contacted Elizabeth Bradley again and after connecting with someone in the Americas office, I was able to get the yarns sent to me. They wanted to send me a new kit but I didn’t want to have to count everything again and I knew I would have too. So a week later, I got the missing yarns.  I took out the color card and placed them in their places joining the other yarns.  I noticed then that the green used in the borders was a  different green than the one on the color card. Ugh!  I showed it to my husband who said they were completely different. Now, if I chose to use the green I had all might be well but what if I ran out of yarn a year down the road? It wasn’t the standard color for the kit. What if it was a dye mistake? Not wanting more trouble down the road, I called Elizabeth Bradley, The Americas again and they straight away sent me the green border wool. I am waiting for it and expect it at the end of the week. They were very nice and offered to send me a new kit again but I refused as I didn’t want to have to count the wools again and

I have been assured that this is unusual for an Elizabeth Bradley kit. Their representative has been encouraging me to purchase more kits from them in the future. She has been very nice and I may do so but it was a lot of work for me to buy one of their kits in the end. I bought it way back in Oct, got it in mid Nov, and am in a position as of the last week of December to start working on it. Then, there was the counting and the numerous packages.

I have to add that at no time was I concerned that the problems would not be resolved. I expected Elizabeth Bradley to do no less. It was super annoying and delayed the start of my project by a month but I was never worried. That does say a lot about their reputation. There is a reason why I felt safe plunking down a lot of money to work on this rug. I am happy to say that they fulfilled all that they were required, as a company, to do.

I am hoping and assuming that this was a fluke. I would not go cheerily to go buy another kit at this time because of this experience.  I would feel compelled to count all the yarn every time now. I may decide to continue to purchase kits in future or I may go back to buying supplies and using their books. It is still up in the air.  But, I have this big boy to work on for a while so I have a bit of time to ponder that question.

I am looking forward to this last package! I will be happy when the green border wools arrive. The kit will finally be complete. Phew!


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Wonderful Needlepoint from

I recently started working on needlepoint projects again. Currently, I am stitching this Fox by Beth Russell.


I am probably going to finish this one soon which led me to look for a new design to stitch. My search found me looking at located in Paris, France.  The shop is owned by the author of The Secrets of Needlepoint and 71 Carreaux, Dominique Siegler-Lathrop.  I contacted Dominique several times before I made my purchase by email and she was always quick to respond.  I ordered two kits including the medieval rabbit. Is this rabbit not the most adorable thing? I can’t wait to stitch it. I love the colors. Please see the enormous quantity of wool on the right that I get to work with. Meow!


And here is another kit I bought to celebrate 850 years of Notre Dame.


And here is the kit out of the bag.


(My husband took one look at the gargoyle and snagged it for himself.)

I wanted to write this post so you could see the high quality of the kits and what you might receive when purchasing from The hand painted canvases are outstanding. The kit is complete. There is a needle, yarns, canvas, and directions. The packaging was great. The prices are comparable to other premium, complete, hand painted canvas kits.  It took a couple of days for the kit to be put together before it was mailed and it arrived in under a month’s time.

The wools used at deserve there own highlight.


They are made for by Aubusson wools. I usually prefer to stitch with Appleton wools but Aubusson wools are incredible. They are wonderfully spun with lots of twist and have a lovely sheen. The colors are vibrant and lively. I love them.

Another plus, in my opinion, is that the wools come pre-cut for stitching.  I am sure that if you prefer to cut your own lengths of yarn you could request uncut skeins and hanks. It was a pleasant surprise to have this done for me.  I forgot to mention that the feel of this yarn is wonderful. I can not say enough good things about this yarn and the kits from Gorgeous stuff.

If you haven’t done any needlepoint yet, maybe you should take a leap and jump right in. :) ! (For beginners, Dominique has wonderful video tutorials and a nice FAQ section at the website to get you started.) If you are already doing canvas work and are in the market for a new project, consider buying from I am pleased that I took a chance and will definitely be visiting them again.




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