Malcolm Fielding: Kindness from the Land Down Under


Earlier this year when things were looking financially rosey, I put a deposit on a couple of custom spindles from master spindle maker, Malcolm Fielding. Mr Fielding has a website called The Lace Bobbin Shop. He also sells on etsy. If you aren’t familiar with his work, prepare to fall in love. Bobbin lace practioners will be stunned too, so be sure to take a peak.

Fast forward to November where things became less financially rosey, I ended up having to cancel my order with Mr Fielding. I was going to lose my $25 deposit but I had no choice with mounting medical bills looming beyond and in front of the horizon. I emailed Mr Fielding who later emailed me back with a lovely surprise – he advised me to look in the mailbox as he was sending me one of his amazing Dervish Spindles at no extra charge. How nice is that?! His kindness left me speechless. He knew I was having a tough time and had wanted to spread some good cheer. How many business owners would choose to take a loss and go out of their way to please a customer in a foreign country? I should think this rates Mr Fielding as incredibly nice on the special people meter.


So now, it is a couple of weeks later and guess what came in the mail today nestled in soft Tasmanian Corriedale? The Dervish! It is absolutely stunning and is one of the best spinners I have ever had. (I would say that whether he gave me the spindle or not.) It is really THAT good. I love the gorgeous Lace Sheoak whorl with the hard dymondwood shaft. He invited me to sell it if I needed to (I mean, so nice again!) or if I didn’t like it but I can tell you that this beauty will never leave me. It is now wearing a coat of blue merino/silk.


(Note to spinners: I encourage you to check out his exquisite workmanship. You won’t regret it!)

Thank you, Malcolm, for your generosity! Your gift came at the right moment. I will use and treasure my new Dervish. It will always be dear to me. I deeply appreciate your kindness. Thank you!



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8 responses to “Malcolm Fielding: Kindness from the Land Down Under

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  2. How generous! I’ve been curious about spinning with one of these….the whorl sort of looks like an upside down Tibetan. Evidently one to try out!

    • kneyda

      You should. I was really impressed after Mizpah raved about hers. Incredible spinner. Love how the shaft tapers too. One spin and it is time to wind on.

  3. sahara

    I am UNDONE. Just when I think that we’re all going to hell in a football stadium (the hand basket’s too small), I get to read this. He’s WONDERFUL.
    Heck, how many business owners anywhere, are willing to take a loss to spread some good cheer, and then allow you to sell the item? Wow. That spindle has magic powers! Make a wish whenever you use it.

    I rewarded myself with his Pu Yok Tibetan, after completing a large commission. For a week I lost the plot. I forgot about my wheel, my other spindles, even (gasp) Ravelry; I couldn’t stop spinning. This sounds crazy, but I would twirl it without fiber! And now, spinning a meter at a clip on it, I’m seriously considering selling ALL but a 3 treasured top whorls, to get a Fielding Bottom whorl made and that’s it. The balance makes me feel like I’m using a gyroscope!

    • kneyda

      The pu yok is on my wish list for the future. It is amazing, I know. I twirl my spindles without fiber too. I think your plan to get a bottom whorl is a good one! Go for it!

      Off to make wishes on my spindle…

  4. What an incredibly generous gift. Clearly he knew it has found a good home!

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