My New Toy

True Creations Kick Spindle unfinished

Still unfinished but tried, a wonderful spinner, my new True Creations Kick Spindle. I had Jim make me an extra shaft and 2 extra whorls, one is purpleheart and the other is zebrawood. I will be sanding it tonight so hoping to have a proper review soon. Just had to share the grain. She is lovely, isn’t she? Even without her finish.



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7 responses to “My New Toy

  1. Very cool. I’d love to see this in action.

  2. Tia

    Jaw dropping wow!

  3. Ellaine

    I am seriously considering buying one of these! I have a few questions, if you don’t mind. How difficult was it to customize your order? I’d like two extra shafts and whorls for plying. Also, where you given a list of available woods to choose from? That purple heart is gorgeous!

    • kneyda

      Jim is easy to work with. He will make extra shafts and whorls. You need to have an idea of the width of the whorls you want. I got the purple heart and zebra wood when I asked him what exotic whoops he had on hand that could be used for those big whorls. I think he had four or so to choose from. That will vary depending on what he has available. It is a super product. Let me know if you get it.

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