Spinning gear, Steampunk style

Support Trindle shown with Steampunk gear arms and malachite arms for a regular Trindle.



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5 responses to “Spinning gear, Steampunk style

  1. Stephanie

    So, how does it work?

    • kneyda

      It is a support spindle. The bottom of the shaft rests in a dish/bowl and you twirl it like that. The bowl supports the spindle so the yarn in process does not have to support the weight of the spindle. The spinning technique is like using a charkha, Great Wheel, etc. My favorite way to spin.

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  2. Avital Pinnick

    That is awesome!!!! Who knew that spinners and steampunk would ever meet?!

  3. I just received a Support Trindle, with Zebra Jasper balls. It’s just Wonderful to use. I’m a fan of the Trindle and have 2 more, including a dedicated bottom whorl with crystal disco balls that’s Fab. I have other spindles, but I feel a bit guilty about not using them much. Oh well.

    • kneyda

      The great thing about spindles is that they seem to come and go. They visit for a little while and then may move on to another. I have 2 Trindles that I love. They really are cool little things. Plus, he now has more Steampunk arms.

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