My old girl…

Just realized that my Great Wheel is 163 years old. It still works. Will my Schacht work perfectly after 163 years old? Hope so!

Shotgun shell spokes are so pretty.



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6 responses to “My old girl…

  1. Beautiful wheel. One day, I’d love to have a go on something like this.

    • kneyda

      I have wanted one for about 15 years and finally found one that works. I was lucky as the seller was going to Wyoming and she was able to deliver it from Ohio. :) Just had to wait 10 months.

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  2. Wanda jones

    We just boight a spinning wheel that looks like the one that is 163 years old. How much are they worth? It looks identical to it. We paid $150.00 at an auction. I just loved it and proud to have it.

    • kneyda

      That is a fair price. If it is a working wheel and has all the original parts it would be worth more. I hope yours is a working wheel and you use it?

      • Wanda jones

        My hubby bought it for me today. And i loved it. It has and it works and has the parts. It needs cleaned wich i will do this week. I have allways wanted one. I love alk that old stuff. And i crochet a lot. I plan to use it.

      • kneyda

        Congratulations! He got a good deal. You can look up more info at the Working Wheels group on Ravelry. They can give you info on how to safely clean it. Good luck!

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