Aren’t you off-line?!

Yes, it is me, Talia, formerly of International Fleeces.  OK, so really, I am off-line, kind of.

You won’t find me on twitter, facebook, or ravelry any more as I need more time to spin.   After deciding to go off-line and then loving it, I found that there weren’t all the reviews of products that I was thinking about buying.  I thought I would start this blog so that I could share some occasional thoughts about these products, etc.

If you want to reach me, e-mail or call.  I am still around.



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2 responses to “Aren’t you off-line?!

  1. MysteryKnitter

    It seems you like spinning. I like it too, but it hurts my shoulders, at least if I spin with a drop spindle. If I spin too long, my vision gets blurry.

    • kneyda

      Perhaps, you may want to try a supported spindle, charkha, or wheel? I can’t spin for a long time with a drop spindle either for the same reason though my harp playing probably has solved that. I haven’t used a drop spindle in a year or so. Keep trying!

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